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We offer to our esteemed clients a special discount in selected restaurants in Prague. If you have a hotel reservation with us just ask as and we will send you vouchers for the discount in these restaurants. We can of course also make a table reservation for you if you tell us the date and time.

Restaurant Villa Richter

Piano Terra

Villa Richter Terra means land or territory, and so it is that this restaurant on the ground floor of the villa, with its southern terrace looking out over Prague, offers a selection of classic and seasonal national dishes made with ingredients mainly from the Czech Lands – hence the name. Quality domestic wines, Pilsner beer and great fruit spirits are a unique accompaniment to the local cuisine.
The roofed outdoor terrace is a perfect complement for staging large-scale social events in a single venue throughout the year. Warm air heating and radiant heat lamps guarantee guests' comfort no matter what the weather.


We offer 10% discount from the whole bill!

Piano Nobile

The elegant restaurant on the first floor of the neoclassical Villa Richter draws inspiration from the best culinary traditions of the surrounding countries of the former Habsburg monarchy, traditions forming the gastronomic scene in Prague too in recent centuries. Seated in the Biedermeier noblesse of our dining salons, guests can enjoy gems of Austrian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Tyrolean, Croatian and Jewish cuisine, given a modern twist by the head chef.


We offer 10% discount from the whole bill!

St. Wenceslas' Vineyard

In the central part of the complex and on the southern slope between the support wall of the Old Castle Stairs and the upper scenic overlook ledge path lies the renovated St. Wenceslas' Vineyard, early beginnings of which reach back to the 10 century A.D. According to the legend this is one of the oldest vineyards in Bohemia, where the “Lord’s vineyard” were cared for by Wenceslas' (St.), the patron of the Bohemian Lands himself. Renovated vineyard is thus being made accessible to Prague Castle visitors in a year that marks 1100th anniversary of the birth of St. Wenceslas'. History of the land is connected to the establishment of Czech statehood and acceptance of Christianity.

Panoramatic view

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Restaurant Kavala

Restaurant Kavala Kavala is a quaint seaside town in the north of Greece. Its architecture mirrors various periods of Greek history. In Kavala and its closest surroundings there are ancient monuments dating back to the Hellenic epoch and the era of Alexander the Great as well as oriental relics from the times of Turkish hegemony. The town’s landmark is a medieval castle. Kavala of Prague endeavours to convey this blend of different cultures and epochs
The indoor walls are decorated with original paintings reflecting various stages of Greek culture and different local styles. You can find works inspired by classical Grece, ancient Athens, Minoan culture and paintings from the Thera island (present Santorini).


We offer 15% discount from the whole bill!

The New Town Brewery restaurant

Restaurant Novoměstský pivovar The New Town Brewery specializes in traditional Czech cuisine - offering classic specialities such as tripe soup, sharp-tasting garlic soup, sirloin, brewery goulash, roast knuckle of pork served with horseradish and mustard, and roast piglet. Health-food enthusiasts will also find dishes here to suit their taste: a large selection of vegetable salads, vegetarian meals, and fish. The menu is large enough for everyone to pick something to their fancy.
The beer at the New Town Brewery is brewed with Ziemann equipment and uses exclusively Czech raw materials, i.e. Czech malt and Zatec hops. It is brewed in the traditional manner - a brewhouse, a fermenting cellar, and a storage cellar. The light or dark 11° unfiltered New Town wheat beer is free of preservatives and contains a full range of vitamin B and other minerals. It is a completely natural product. The beer is not filtered and has the opal hue of yeast.


We offer 10% discount from the whole bill!

Restaurant Indian Jewel

Restaurant Indian Jewel The Indian Jewel, voted as one of the best Indian restaurants in Prague and located in the heart of Prague's Old Town, makes an honest effort to create an amalgamation of some of the finest gems of Indian cuisine.
India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions with a limitless variety of culinary excellence. Many Kings and Mughal Emperors have already savored the nostalgic tastes of the delicacies which were previously, zealously guarded secrets, passed on from generation to generation of royalty. Now, it is your turn to appreciate these creations and we hope that it will both excite the adventurous and satisfy the traditional palate!


We offer 15% discount from the whole bill!

The word 'spice' does not mean hot in Indian food but, instead, the thousands of herbs and spices, which have interesting medicinal qualities, enhance the food created by our chefs. Our menu ranges from light lentil soups, through breezy salads, succulent kebabs and freshly baked naans, to paranthas from our tandoor (clay oven). Our restaurant would not be complete without the real gems of Indian cuisine: our mouth-watering Indian curries. Ranging from the delicacies of the peppery south, up to the platters from the divine north, these dishes will not only seduce you with their aroma but entangle your tongue in a never before experienced passion.

Vltava Cruises

Cruise with lunch and music Unforgettable lunch on a steam boat!

Are you looking for a pleasant restaurant to have lunch while looking at the sights of Prague? Do you wish to escape the rush of Prague´s streets? Come with us for a two-hour trip down the Vltava on a boat where you can enjoy your lunch in comfort and also see Prague as never seen before.
Unlike wandering around the centre of Prague crowded with tourists and having lunch in a busy restaurant we offer you a quiet place – the deck of a boat, which gives an opportunity to relax with a delicious lunch and to see Prague from the river. You can watch sights pass by on both sides of the river all the way from Čechův Most to Vyšehrad Hill while having a buffet on deck.

Prague dinner cruise!

Indulge yourself and enjoy a beautiful evening, combining a romantic cruise through Prague at night flooded with lights with an epicurean and esthetic experience to remember for the rest of your life. Decide if you prefer meals to order, or if you’d rather have a buffet. A fully stocked bar will be at your disposable during the whole cruise. If you enjoy barbecues, then you might want to try some specialties from a lava grill on the upper deck.

Our dinner on board is especially suitable for groups. You can rent a whole ship for a private event, for example a birthday party, or you can book it for a company party or a business meeting. Whatever it is you need, you’ll benefit from a complete privacy and peace and quiet on board. All of that in a comfortable atmosphere and with perfect service.

Only with us for 720 CZK! (20% discount)

Restaurace Altany

Restaurant Altany Kindly accept our invitation to the newly modernized restaurant Altany Kampa and taste our specialities in the romantic environment of Kampa island on the banks of Certovka creek.

We offer 15% discount from the whole bill!