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My education, travel experience and outgoing personality provide me with the necessary qualifications to be able to help visitors to Prague and the Czech Republic fully enjoy their visit. I can assist individuals and groups with personalized care, planning and guiding them through an itinerary suitable to their personal needs and desires. All facets of the travel industry are familiar to me. I can furnish references of many satisfied travelers for whom I have provided services.

I am native of the Czech Republic, born in a suburb of Prague called Uvaly. My knowledge of American culture and command of the English language is excellent, having spent 15 months in Cleveland, OH after the fall of Communism in 1989. My guide service has been in operation for over 3 years and my knowledge of history, architecture and the comparative lifestyle of Americans and Czechs are excellent thus I am extremely well suited to assist the English speaking travelers. In the last three years I have conducted over 200 tours for English speaking clients. I also have travel experience in eastern and Western Europe and Cuba.

Qualifications :
* 1993 Tourist Guide Certification
* English Proficiency Exam Certification
* Five years government experience as Secretary to Ministry of Finance
* Accounting experience with private architectural firm

I believe I can help you to enjoy your stay in the Czech Republic, no matter if you are a budget tourist or luxury traveler. I am very flexible and will do my best to make your visit a memorable and enjoyable experience. All services at reasonable rates.


Grand City Tour (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

This combination eight-hour tour by private car and on foot will give you a general impression of the "Golden City". Visit the Strahov Monastery Premonstratensian Order founded in 1140 and the Loretto, a very well known pilgrimage, which dates from 1626 including a Baroque compound of structures with the Church of the Nativity. As well, view the Diamond Monstrance decorated with 6,222 diamonds and the famous carillon, which dates from the late 17th century. Enjoy Prague Castle, a national cultural monument and the symbol of more than millennial development of the Czech lands. This includes the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral founded in 1344, vaulted by the first net vaulting in Europe, and the Old Royal Palace, a seat of Bohemian princes and kings from 9th up to the 16th century including Vladislav Hall, the largest hall of the medieval Prague. Stroll through the wonderful surrounding Baroque gardens. Tour through the Lesser Town with many preserved Renaissance and Baroque palaces as well as stroll across the world famous Gothic Charles Bridge, founded in 1357 and decorated with thirty Baroque statues.

PRAGUE - WALKING TOUR I - Prague Castle, Lesser Town, Old Town

Walking tour through the Prague Castle area, which includes world-reknown sights such as the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral founded in 1344, the famous Golden Lane where Franz Kafka lived and St. George Basilica built in Romanesque architectural style. From highatop the Castle area one gets a bird's eye view of many areas of the city. Stroll down to the Lesser Town through the wonderful surrounding Baroque gardens and then across the world famous Gothic Charles Bridge to the Old Town, the oldest part of Prague settled in the 10th century. See the Old Town Square, the most interesting historical square in Prague with its unique Gothic Astronomical Clock. During this tour, in accordance with your wish, there are also possibilities to visit some interiors, use the public transport and combine this tour with a one and a half hour sightseeing tour by a private car. Arrangement upon request.

PRAGUE - WALKING TOUR II - Old Town, New Town and Jewish Quarter

Enjoy a guided tour through the Old Town, the oldest part of Prague settled in the 10th century. See the Old Town square, the most interesting historical square in Prague with the unique Gothic Astronomical Clock situated in the center of the Town Hall dating from 1410. Each hour the Clock puts on its famous show. Walk through the New Town, founded in the 14th century by Charles IV, the King of Bohemia and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. This area represents a unique work of urban architectural style both to Prague and the entirety of Europe. Visit the unique Jewish Quarter and Museum which includes one of the most extensive collections of Judaic art in the world; unique in terms of the number of exhibits coming from a single territory of Bohemia and Moravia. See the Old New Synagogue built in the late 13th century, the oldest preserved synagogue in Central Europe. The Old Jewish Cemetery established in the 15th century is also available for viewing. Many artistically precious and preserved tombstones are located in this cemetery, especially the best-known Renaissance tomb of Rabbi Low, the alleged creator of Golem. This tour gives you an opportunity to get an overview of many different areas of historic City of Prague.


Ancient legends mention Vysehrad as the original seat of the Czech princes. See the most ancient buildings in Vysehrad: The St. Martin rotunda from the 11th century, and the wonderful Gothic St. Peter and Paul Church. The underground casemates house the originals of several Baroque statues from the Charles Bridge. Stroll through park and cemetery with the tombs of famous representatives of Czech cultural history.


Visit the beautiful Troja Castle, built in the Baroque architectural style of the 17th century. See the core of the complex, the main three-wing building with a great hall and gushing fresco covering every inch of the walls and ceiling of the interior, depicting the victories of the Habsburg Emperor Leopold I over the Turks.


Visit the Bohemian Folklore Show with traditional instruments, including dulcimer and Czech bagpipes. See folk dances, gypsy dance, polka and czardas. Hear folk songs while you enjoy a delicious dinner of Bohemian, Moravian and Slovak specialties with unlimited Mikulov wine and Pilsner beer. Private transportation is provided door-to-door.



Experience a very special theatre world renown since 1958 when Czechs introduced it during EXPO '58 held in Brussels, Belgium. The Black Light Theatre performance is based on a combination of pantomime, tricks, light show and music. Black-clad actors move objects against a dark stage without being seen.

RIVER CRUISE - Prague by Night

This will be a beautiful evening river cruise through illuminated Prague on a comfortable air-conditioned boat. During the dinner cruise enjoy classic Czech music and a gorgeous view of the most important sights of the "Golden City". The cruise passes the Prague Castle, Lesser Town, Old Town, Charles Bridge, National Theatre and legendary Vysehrad.


Enjoy a wonderful performance at the Marionette Theatre and a memorable classical music concert in a historic palace or one of Prague's famous churches. Subject to availability.



Full day tour.
Visit this UNESCO World Heritage City. In the Middle Ages Kutna Hora became the second most important city of the Kingdom of Bohemia due to its prosperous silver mines. This wealth and prosperity led to the rich architectural development of the city and gave rise to many beautiful churches, palaces and burgess houses. Visit the Gothic St. Barbara cathedral, palaces such as the Italian Court with Royal Mint, burgess house called the "Stone House" as well as other Gothic and Renaissance monuments.
A stop at the famous ossuary in the Sedlec Chapel located at the suburb of Kutna Hora is next. Visit an ancient Gothic Chapel full of human bones (ossuary). Its crypt is decorated with giant bells, a cross, the Schwarzenberg coat of arms and a chandelier constructed entirely of human bones.
Enjoy a late lunch in a village restaurant where you will dine on authentic Czech country food. Special offer in Kutna Hora: Visit the silver mines of the Middle Ages (not suitable for people suffering from claustrophobia). Advance reservations must be made for the silver mines.


Full day tour.
Visit the Terezin Fortress, constructed in the 18th century by the Habsburgs to defend the northern Czech border against Prussia. In 1941 the entire town was turned into a Jewish ghetto and used as a transit camp for Jews and others whose final destination were Auschwitz, Buchenwald and the other concentration camps in Central Europe.
On the way to the Terezin Fortress enjoy a short stop in Doksany village to see the Premonstratensian Convent founded in the 12th century. The afternoon stop is in the medieval town of Litomerice for a late lunch. The town dates back to the 9th century. Enjoy many houses originally built in the Gothic style and then later rebuilt in the Renaissance and Baroque styles. In the 16th century the town of Litomerice became the most significant town in northwestern Bohemia. Nowadays it is declared a historical town.
The surrounding farmland area is called the "Bread Basket of Bohemia".


Full day tour.
Pilsen is the world famous primarily thanks to the beer Pilsner Urquell, some say the best in the world. After touring the brewery enjoy a Czech-style lunch served in the brewery's restaurant, the biggest dining facility in the country.
There are many glass factories in the Czech Republic where famous crystal has been produced for centuries. Accept an invitation to the private Nizbor glass factory from which hand-made cut crystal is exported all over the world. The crystal Stanley Cup given to J. Jagr was crafted here. Cut crystal pieces may be purchased in the factory store at reasonable prices.
Alternatively, visit the small private glass factory in the village of Nenacovice producing hand-made colored glass, which may be purchased in the factory store at reasonable prices.
Arrangement upon request.

KARLOVY VARY - The World Famous Spa Town

Full day tour, 3 hrs car travel each way.
Visit the world famous thermal Karlovy Vary Spa Town, founded by the King of Bohemia and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Charles IV in the 14th century. This spa gained its great reputation thanks to the discovery of hot mineral curative springs. Walk through both historic and modern colonnades and shops filled with local glass and porcelain. See the best-known spring named the "Sprudel" as it belches its curative 162 degree F water to the height of 32 feet, as well as visit twelve other well-known springs of 60 and taste the mineral waters, which cure various disorders.
In addition, sample delicious wafers and Becherovka liqueur, the exceptional Czech herbal liqueur produced since 1807, renowned for having medicinal properties. As well, visit the Becherovka Liqueur Museum. See the Moser Glasswork producing luxury glassware and decorative crystal for over 145 years. Items may be purchased at the factory store.


Full day tour.
Visit the typical Czech small town of Beroun to see how Czech people live. Then visit the 14th century Gothic castle built by Charles IV, King of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Emperor to house the coronation jewels of the Czech kings and state documents.
Enjoy the first sightseeing route, which includes Charles' bedroom, the Chapel of St. Wenceslas, preserved Audience Hall covered with wooden paneling and Luxembourg Hall. The first route is open almost all year except on Mondays.

The second sightseeing route in addition to the above includes the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Traditionally only the Emperor, archbishop and electoral princes were allowed to enter this gilded treasure-house decorated with a unique collection of 132 gothic wood-paintings from 1360. This extraordinary chapel has been reopened after a twenty-year closure and reconstruction. Even now the days of visit and number of visitors are restricted. Advance reservations must be made for the Chapel of the Holy Cross.
This tour requires much uphill walking. Enjoy the beautiful romantic panorama of the castle setting. (Special transportation up the hill is available at added cost.) Enjoy a short stop in the Morina Limestone Quarry called "America". The quarry and castle are situated in the protected area of the Czech Karst, formed by limestone strata. The geological evolution created a lovely countryside with varieties of limestone formations, rocks, caves and deep valleys enriched by little travertine lakes with pellucid water. Accept an invitation to the small private glass factory in the village of Nenacovice producing hand-made colored glass, which may be purchased in the factory store at reasonable prices.

Alternatively, visit the private Nizbor glass factory producing hand-made cut crystal exported all over the world. Cut crystal pieces may be purchased in the factory store at reasonable prices.
Arrangement upon request.


Half day tour.
Visit Konopiste Chateau, originally a Gothic castle rebuilt as a chateau in the 18th century with a large landscaped park, rose-garden and fishpond. The last renovation dates to the end of 19th century.
Its last and also best-known proprietor, the successor of the Habsburg throne Franz Ferdinand d'Este, lived here with his family from 1887 until his assassination in Sarajevo in 1914. See a large unique collection of over 4,600 exhibits of historical weapons dates from the 16th till 18th century, the most reputable collection in Europe. See also the unique hunting trophies, furniture, tapestries and preserved equipment of the dynasty.


Full day tour, 3 hrs car travel each way.
Visit a medieval town founded in the 13th century situated in a beautiful countryside of Southern Bohemia, full of little villages and ponds. The town called the "Pearl of Bohemia" has preserved its medieval atmosphere. The historical center of the town was added to the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List in 1992. Enjoy the two dominant features in the town - the Castle, built in the Renaissance style (the second biggest castle in the country which houses rich historical collections), and the beautiful Gothic church of St. Vitus.
Then pass through the medieval town of Ceske Budejovice, founded in the 13th century as a King's town, now known worldwide as a home of the famous Brewery Budweiser. Enjoy many typical medieval streets, galleries, pubs and shops.
Stop at the town of Hluboka nad Vltavou. See the Hluboka Castle located on the bank of the Vltava River, often said to be the most charming castle in the Czech Republic. This castle was last rebuilt in the 19th century in the English Romance Gothic style according to the style of Windsor Castle. Stroll through large surrounding English park.
This tour requires much uphill walking.


* Guide service: EUR 20 per hour (for 1 - 2 persons)
* EUR 25 per hour (for 3 - 4 persons)
* EUR 5 per hour for each additional person over 4

Transportation costs, accommodation and entrance fees are extra. Entrance fees are from EUR 6 up to EUR 13 per ticket. (Total tour cost upon request.)

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