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Hotel Albatros Ohlasy:

Andreas Wizany | Austria | 2017-02-13
Wir waren sehr zufrieden. Preis Leistungsverhältniss ist absolut in Ordnung. Wir würden Gerne von 28.4.17 bis 30.4.17 wieder bei Ihnen übernächtigen. Könnten sie mir ein Angebot zukommen lassen und zwar für 6 - 8 Personen im Doppelzimmer?? Mfg. Wizany Andreas

Donald Moriarty | Canada | 2016-12-09
We enjoyed our stay. No issues. Breakfast is adequate not overwhelming. Location is terrific. Staff helpful and friendly. Having parking on dock was great. Price was comfortable for us. Location on river is VERY Scenic, swans, tour boats, rowing teams etc. good luck

Zdeněk VEDRAL | Czech Republic | 2016-06-03
Na tento hotel bych se už neubytoval. Spíše mě to připadalo jako Hostel, cena poměr výkon neodpovídá. Co se týká snídaně - dostačující ale postrádali jsme tam nějakou zeleninu, rajský, paprika atd. V restauraci u snídaně běhala jedna uhoněná obsluha, která nestíhala doplňovat jak jídlo, pití, nádobí, odnášet nádobí, trošku jsem ji litoval. Repcepce - velký chaos. Při odjezdu chtěli abych ještě jednou platil atd. No sem už ne.

Linsey Marchbank | United Kingdom | 2016-02-26
The male on reception when we arrived was not very friendly, he displayed a very abrupt manner and had no patience when we he asked us to complete the booking forms. He may have had a bad day but as he is the first impression to the Botel for guests, his manner was certainly not appropriate.

Peter Gowing | United Kingdom | 2015-11-20
I recently stayed at Botel Albatros in Prague for the first time in 6 years. I am glad to say that I enjoyed it as much as I always have. It was good to see so many familiar faces among the staff.

Petr Šobáň | Czech Republic | 2015-10-08
Ubytování bylo bez problémů, samozřejmě sprcha + wc je malé, ale do kajuty v lodi se prostě větší nevleze. Taktéž interiér už má něco za sebou. Zase to má výhodu ubytování za rozumnou cenu přímo v centru prahy. Jediné co by se dalo vytknout tak by to chtělo lepšího kuchaře v restauraci. Jinak personál na špičkové úrovni - ochotný. Klidně bych se tam ubytoval znovu.

Petr Šobáň | Czech Republic | 2015-08-05
Ubytování proběhlo v pohodě, ochotný personál. V restauraci by to možná chtělo lepší výběr jídel a samozřejmě interier odpovídá lodi takže trošku stísněný, ale spokojenost.

Markéta Viková | Czech Republic | 2015-07-27
Krásný dobrý den, ubytování na lodi se nám líbilo, jen by jsme měli výtku k práci paní uklizečky-zřejmě po předchozích hostech zbylo ve skříni tričko a prázdná láhev.

Ivan Švestka | Czech Republic | 2014-04-26
Dobrý den. Strávil jsem 1 noc (sobota až nedělě 26.4 - 27.4.) a byl jsem velmi spokojen. Na centrum velmi přijatelná cena a na cenu velmi dobrý standard. Pokoje příjemné, laděné k prostředí řeky. Personál vstřícný a příjemný. Vybral jsem si BOTEL ALBATROS také kvůli tomu, že se u něho dá snadno zaparkovat. Jen by mě zajímalo, jestli může dojít k tomu, že by nebylo kde zaparkovat a pokud se dá dopředu zajistit parkovací místo. Jinak děkuji, byl jsem velmi spokojen. Švestka

Ann-christin | denmark | 2010-06-14
I confirm that everything is perfect.

Georgina | United Kingdom | 2010-06-07
Just a note to let you know what a wonderful time my small group had on the Albatros from the 1st to the 7th June. All the staff were polite and very helpful. The accommodation was kept really clean and I will certainly recommend the Albatros to others. Prague is a beautiful city and we did a lot of sightseeing and even the terrible weather at the begining of our stay did not deter us from enjoying the sights.

Martin | Denmark | 2008-11-11
We have just been visiting your Botel Albatros with great pleasure. It was a nice experience to stay at your resident and we will recommend it to our familty and friends.

Cherrywyn | United Kingdom | 2008-07-28
The Botel was great. Very central. We had a riverside room with swans swimming up to the window. Very clean, very easy, good breakfast easy to get good food and drinks on the terrace at any time. Staff helpful and pleasant. Lovely city.

Marianne | Denmark | 2008-04-20
We had a nice stay, no problems with arrival or rooms. But we do have 1 comments. The bar service was not as you should expect, and since their english isn't very well, it's really hard to communicate with them. And we felt they charged us to much every time. I ordered tea with milk, when you look in the price list the price is 25. No where you can see that you have to pay 30 for tea with milk? And my mom ordered just tea and no milk buut she also had to pay 30. I know it's just 5 but if they do that to all customers and everyday we talk a lot of money. Then the bar was closed Saturday due to a wedding, we could only sit in the restaurant. We were gusts at that hotel, and it wasn't good there wasn't any place where we could sit and have a coffee/tea and dessert in the evening. But otherwise everything was really nice.

Catherine | United Kingdom | 2007-02-01
We enjoyed our stay at the Botel Albatros for 4 nights. Prior to departure, we read the up- to- date December reviews which were very favourable- unlike some we had read months before. Our single rooms contained 2 single beds/ small en suite and tv. The size was ideal for 1 person. The standard of cleanliness was high. Bedding/ towels were changed daily. It was quiet and very warm in the room- ideal for January/ February. In fact, we had to open the window! We asked and got rooms with river views thus no noise whatsoever from the road! The restaurant was being refurbished at the time of our stay so the bar was converted to a dual use. Breakfast was adequate- cereal/ bread/ ham/ cheese and jams- typical continntal breakfast and put us on for the morning. The price represents good value for money. Having said that, at the time of departure, we could have stayed in a 4* with swimming pool for only Ł13.50 more each over 4 nights. Close by was an excellent restaurant. The accommodation is approx a 20 mins leisurely walk into Tyn Square. The only drawback is as a non-smoker, the bar area could become very smoky if a group was established there late afternoon. The staff were friendly, polite and very helpful. I have already recommended the Botel Albatros to a friend.

Grzegorz | Poland | 2006-05-31
Thanks again for arranging the booking of the room in Botel Albatros last week. In general it is a very nice place, however if they would be able to accept Euros when paying for beer and cigarettes in the reception that would be an extremely nice place ;-)

Reiner | SRN | 2004-11-23
slibil jsem Vam, ze Vam po ukonceni pobytu na botelu Albatros napisu. Vsechno bylo v poradku, se sluzbami hotelu jsme byli spokojeni. Dekujeme Vam za zprostredkovani.

Catherine | 2000-02-11
Firstly, we would like to say thank you for the promptness with which you arranged our stay and the additional advice you provided. The service you gave on behalf of Accommodation on Line was unsurpassable and we are very grateful, you are welcome to inform your manager of our approval. The Botel Albatros was a clean and pleasant environment. The cleaners were exceptionally polite, greeting us everytime they saw us. They cleaned the room thoroughly without making us feel that our privacy had been intruded upon. Two of the receptionists were friendly and helpful, the other was somewhat distant, however, all spoke excellent English and performed their jobs well.

Trevor | United Kingdom | 1998-05-24
Just a short note to thank you for organising our room at the Botel Albatross this past weekend. The room was fine, just like the pictures on the web site, and we enjouyed our stay in Prague. If we return to Prague we shall use your booking service again, and if any of my colleagues are looking to travel to Pargue, I will certainly recommend yourselves to them

Mihalikova | Česko | 0000-00-00
Ešte raz ďakujem za ukazkovy pristup ku kilentom. Pacila sa nam komunikacia pri objednavani pobytu, bezproblemova platba aj vyriesenie zmien pri nasej rezervacii. Odpucam Vas a budeme sa tesit v buducnosti. Rodina Mihalikova