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Hotel Čechie Ohlasy:

Susanne | austria | 2010-10-27
Thank you very much for your reservation of hotel Cechie for me. I liked the hotel very much, especially the relatively large room, the breakfast and the sauna. The simple and modern architecture is very pleasant, and everybody was very friendly. Furthermore, the price of EURO 40 per day is really cheap in relation to the services they provide. When I visit Prague the next time, I will certainly stay there again. Thank you also for the reservation service - I tried first to book another hotel that was closed and received your proposal of hotel Cechie instead, which saved me the trouble of looking for another hotel. Everything worked out well and fast.

Keil and Kendra | Germany | 2001-01-14
The hotel itself is very nice. The restaurant and other facilities are above standard, the food was good, and the service great. However, the location is hard to find for people traveling into the city. The map on the webpage is not easy to use if you are a foreigner. We had a rather large problem our first night staying there. We parked in the parking area in front of the hotel. We saw the security guards and assumed our vehicle would be safe. This was not so. Someone vandalized our car. When I reported it, the hotel did not seem to care. This caused us to cut our trip short by a day. Now, we have to try and find out who is liable for the damages.