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Hostel Elf Reviews:

Vedran Mihajlović | Croatia | 2019-02-17
Thank you very much for all , it was great experience reside in your hostel. I ll definitly recommend it to everyone. Cheers :)

Andras | Hungary | 2004-05-30
I'm Dobos Andras, and I've been to Prague with your help - through Interacta did I book a triple bed room in Hostel Elf (confirmation no.: 74634). I was just reading some older mails and I realized I was asked for feedback which I nearly forgot. :S Actually, there's not much to feedback. I have only positive remarks; everything went as it was meant to go, there weren't any problems neither with the hostel (which I found very decent :) especially for that price), or Prague, or the trip or anything. I guess I should thank you for your work - booking a room this way was pretty much convient. I hope you will be able to go on with this quality! :) Thanks again.

Alice | Czech Republic | 2004-02-07
s pobytem v hostelu ELF jsme byli s man?elem spokojeni. Děkuji za Va?i ochotu a jsem s pozdravem

Knut | 2003-01-04
everything was going well, and we could enjoy our time in Prague very much.

Pavla | Czech Republic | 2002-12-10
Diky za informace, to ubytovani by bylo vporadku, kdybych nepracovala. Mozna, kdyby si z Elfu dali na web upozorneni, ze tam funguje i nocni klub do pozdnich hodin, aby clovek vedel, do ceho jde :-)

Marta | 2002-06-02
Hostel Elf is situated near trains line and it was really loud in the room. I think that this information about near neighbor with trains should on internet side of this hostel. We where very surprised that this hostel is almost on train line. Anyway I will be happy to have your help in future to find accommodation in Prague and I will recommend you my friends if you don't mind.

JORGEN | Norsko | 2002-03-25
Very pleasant stay at Elf. informal and friendly.

Sarah | United States | 2001-07-17
I have discovered that there is a problem with this reservation! Our vacation was July 10-17, and I realized upon arriving at the airport that the reservation was made for September. I don't deny that this was probably an error on my part; however we will obviously need to cancel the September reservations at the hostel, as well as the transport service by Mr. Janacek. I would like to tell you that we did stay at the Hostel Elf anyway, and found it very clean and comfortable, and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Prague is a beautiful city and we greatly enjoyed our stay in this wonderful city! Also, your agency has been very helpful and prompt in responding to my questions. I regret that this bit of confusion popped up! Thank you again.

?tefan | SR | 2001-06-21
Ubytovany som bol v hosteli Elf. Vzhladom na velmi nizku cenu ubytovania som nemohol ocakavat prilis velky komfort. Myslim si, ze vzhladom k tejto cene boli poskytnute sluzby na solidnej urovni. Spokojny som bol i so spravanim sa personalu hostela. Myslim si, ze ubytovanie v tomto zariadeni bude vyhovovat hlavne menej solventnym navstevnikom Prahy (studenti). Esta raz Vam dakujem za poskytnute sluzby a v buducnosti sa v pripade potreby rad na vas obratim.

Stuart | United Kingdom | 2001-04-15
We have had a wonderful time in Prague. I would certainly recommend Hostel Elf to anybody wishing to use this type of accommodation. We'll return at the first opportunity!!

David | United Kingdom | 2001-04-12
I have just returned from my holiday in Prague and would like to thank you for booking my accomodation. I had a very nice time in Prague and thought it was a beautiful city. The Hostel Elf was good, with friendly and helpful staff. Thank you very much.

Sarah | United Kingdom | 2001-04-04
The staff were really friendly and helpful. They were able to offer help with many things, including onward travel arrangements etc. The hostel is very clean.

Rutger | Belgie | 2001-04-01
Vratili jsme dobre do Belgie. Vsichni v nasi skupine byl spokojen s cestou do Prahy. A to, samozrejme, hlavne protoze jsme meli dobry hostel. Dekuji moc a dekuji Hostel Staff.

Alan | United Kingdom | 2001-03-29
This is my first dealing with Interacta I am very impressed with your work and how you help tourists. The system works very well and I thank all the team. Unfortunately my trip was cancelled but my son Alan Arnold had a very good holiday so please thank ALL your team. He has travelled quite a lot around the Czech republic and arrived home today and wanted me to send you his thanks.

Debbie | United Kingdom | 2001-03-10
As requested, I am writing to tell you what we thought of our accommodation. We stayed 2 nights in Hostel Elf. This was poor accommodation, very smoky and the receptionist very drunk one night whilst returning. However it was quite cheap so I guess we can't complain. Pension Anna in Cesky Krumlov was superb. Very friendly, clean, comfortable and an excellent breakfast. We wanted to stay more nights if our trip was longer. The staff were lovely, and the location was tops!!! Hope this is of some help. Thanks for your service,

Johan | Polsko | 2001-02-18
I enjoyed my stay at the Elf. Everyone on staff was friendly and helpful. I've been in lots of hostels and, in the past, there have been some difficulties just because no one was THERE, at the desk, on duty, etc. It was nice to find you so attentive to the needs of your guests. The guests themselves were nice too. Even better, the Elf is clean and well maintained. With one exception: the night table and reading lamp in my room were both dusty and dirty. I just had to wash them. REALLY wash them. It only took two minutes, but the hostel would have made a better impression if it had been your two minutes instead of mine. I'm sure you have plans for your business but I would like to make one suggestion. You might market your services to families with young children. Such people can find it difficult to travel because they are too young to have a lot of money and the costs of conventional accommodation are very high. Rooms that sleep four (or more) people could be very attractive to them and, as you have so many other facilities in place, would make them feel confident and comfortable. Since you are staffed around the clock, parents could put their kids to sleep and go out for a few hours in the evening without worrying. Those kids won't find noise a problem because really, it's not a problem. Thanks for a nice stay, nice people around and good services. If you promise to clean up those tables and lamps, I'll recommend you to anyone I know going to Praha.

Swe | France | 2000-11-03
Thank you for making the reservation for me in Hostel Elf as I have stayed there for 2 nights. I'd not say that the hostel conditions are excellent but I'd say that my stay in Hostel Elf does worth the price that I paid.The people there are friendly and that makes my stay an enjoyable one. I'd like to compliment the on-line reservation services that you provide.It makes things so much easier.I wonder do you provide on-line hostel reservation for other countries as well?If yes,I'd appreciate if you'd kindly furnish me with the address as I'm intending to visit Budapest.

Tara Torzsas | 2000-10-01
I just wanted to send my comments about our stay at Hostel Elf. My husband and I recently stayed at Hostel Elf for 4 days. I was very disappointed with our stay there - the bathrooms were very dirty. I was afraid to touch anything it was so dirty - I even showered at my parents hotel one day. I do admit that the people there were friendly but a lot needs to be done there with respect to cleanliness.

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